About Me

Heloo guys…

after several yearssss.. i almost forget when i updated this blog.. but anyway i would like to welcoming you to coming to this blog ^__^…With a new format, i build this blog again :D…

it’s just really ordinary blog… feel free to comment…. or critic this blog 🙂 really welcome contact me direct to my email mysoo.wordpress@yahoo.com for queary, sharing your story, and any other else..

About me 😀

Me? ha… you can call me elis.. or soo…  hmm im Indonesian…
i liked travelling, writting, but hate to read XD.. i like painting too.. although im study accounting #sigh…. painting is just my hobby but also my pleasures, because with painting..u can throw all ur imagination, ur feeling,ur passion on the canvas.. even im just beginner…. beside that… i more likely to socialized with others….. I’m not really know about myself in very details, but one that i knew is im just an ordinary gal’ 😀

im not an english speaker.. so if you find any mistake in my english…. pls your apologize 🙂





21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Salam mengisi ‘about’.
    Ada darah korea yah? Atau mengagumi korean?

  2. yusupman

    Lam kenal my soo…kayak orang korea ..tul gak..

  3. met siang ..mysoo katanya mu lihat atrikel tentang kapal pesiar baru aku posting.http://ehkangagus.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/kapal-pesiar-itu-seperti-apa-ya/

  4. sarmanran

    this blog of yours is full of colourfull ideas…i like it….add more inforaTIONSS

  5. sarmanran

    i love exploring your blog…it has described briefly but extensionally marvelous and splendid art of work…

  6. hufff ==”

  7. nia

    hebat bgd cc..

    bangga bgd saya, pnya temen kya cc.. ^____^

  8. anotherordinaryboy

    kirain blognya orang korea. ternyata masih indonesia. nice work. keep on rockin. ^^

  9. Willozz

    Akun Facebook’a apa Mbak ??? Tar ak add,,, Aku soal’a mau tanya” soal FF XII… Boleh ya ……..

  10. salam kenal aja … good job

  11. keren, slam kenal..

  12. Hi Hi

    Hi kk Soo!! kk alamat fb kk apa ya? q pengen tau informasi tentang mlukis nih ><'')Y

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